W. M. Keck Microfabrication Facility
Procedures for obtaining access to the facility

Prerequisites for becoming KMF users:

  • To use the facility, applicant(s) must attend the chemical safety training course offered by the MSU Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). For more information, please contact EHS at (517)-355-0153.

  • To use the scanning electron microscopes in the facility, applicant(s) should complete a SEM training course such as the one offered by the College of Natural Science through the Center for Advanced Microscopy.

Procedures for becoming a KMF user:

  1. Complete a KMF Application form, have it signed by your advisor.
  2. Contact KMF Admin to arrange a cleanroom training session
  3. After the cleanroom training, the new user will be granted access to the facility
  4. Equipment training will be offered on an as-needed basis.

Procedures for requesting service:

  1. Submit a Service Request form.
  2. Write a detailed proposal/job description for the service.
  3. Please note that service will be provided only when time permits