W. M. Keck Microfabrication Facility
New User Training

Applicants must go through training in order to become qualified users.

KMF offers following trainings

  • Cleanroom training - for cleanroom protocols and rules.
  • Equipment training - for proper and safe operation of KMF equipment
  • Site specific safety training - for safety issues related to working inside KMF.

Required trainings offered by MSU

  • Chemical safety training courses are offered by the MSU Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), and all KMF users are required to take the training. For information, please contact MSU EHS at (517)-355-0153.
  • Courses for electron microscopies (SEM, TEM, and EDS) are offered by by the College of Natural Science through the Center for Advanced Microscopy. For information, please contact CAM.